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The fourth season of Haikyuu took the world by a storm in the year 2020, with the prolific amount of introductions for the new and debuting characters of the series. However, one character shined above the rest of the roster, our very own, Miya Atsumu ! Known for his witty and nonchalant nature, he quickly climbed the ladder to become the fan favourite without breaking a sweat.

This article will showcase 7 interesting facts about Atsumu Miya which’ll certainly make him an even more likable character than he already is !

He is the Best High School Setter

haikyuu best setter

Despite the fact that we’ve already seen the likes of Kageyama and Oikawa; who are exceptionally talented setters in their own rights, it is indeed, a hard pill to swallow that there is somebody in the series that possesses such prowess that he surpasses any setter you’ve seen yet! Moreover, it is no surprise that Atsumu Miya is the best high-school setter of Japan, considering the amount of hard work he has put in consistently to reach the peak of the pinnacle. For some, Volleyball is A to Z, but for him, it goes beyond that.

Twin Brother

haikyuu twin brothers

It seems quite ludicrous that such an exhilarating player like Atsumu Miya, isn’t the only star of the family. As bizarre as it sounds, he has a twin brother named Osamu Miya, who played in the same team in Junior High and High-School as Miya Atsumu. Believe it or not, he is almost as big of a player as Miya. However, according to Osamu, Atsumu edges him in terms of enigmatic passion that drives to keep improving. Just like any siblings in the world, they do get into a lot of arguments which just goes on to show how pragmatic their relation is !

His Nickname

osamu and atsumu

The story behind the nickname of the twins is honestly perplexing, but it is one of the things that make Atsumu Miya a relatable character to the fans of the show. During their 4th year of Junior High, they were introduced to Aran Ojiro, who was a foreigner. Upon being exposed to the information, the twins were dazzled at how his name sounded, so they decided to embellish their own names to make them cooler. Which eventually led to the birth of “Tsumu & Samu” nickname, that they continued using for the rest of the Junior High and High-School.

People who can’t hit my tosses are nothin’ but scrubs. Atsumu Miya Quote

He copied Hinata’s Quick Attack

miya twin brothers quick attack

Now, we’ve all seen the spectacular quick of Hinata and Kageyama, which is one of the most vocal points of the series. Seeing two players coordinate to perform a nearly unstoppable attack is breathtaking every time. However, they aren’t the only ones who can perform such a difficult feat. Atsumu and Osamu, after witnessing the quick themselves, were rapid enough to get the gist of it during the same match and executing it in the same set. This only goes on to show how talented both the twins really are.

Miya Twins copy Hinata’s Quick

He has Monster Serves

atsumu miya serve

So far in the show, each character who was proficient at serving has only focused on a single type of serve to ensure complete control and power over it. In case of Miya Atsumu, he has not only perfected the jump serve, but he has also perfected the jump floaters. Such an unimaginable ability could only be in the possession of someone as capable as Miya, who rattles his opponents and keeps them on their toes regarding what serve is going to be unleashed their side of the net.

Atsumu Miya Jump Serve

Dump Shot Feints

miya atsumu

Miya Atsumu has been shown to trick his opponents in clever ways that are often unusual in the sport of Volleyball. Being the worst setter an opposition can face, due to an abundance of traps laid in their ways, Miya proves to be sharp player as he occasionally baits his opponents to foul while pretending to do a feint. Such an exploit of the rules gifts him multiple free points during a match, which allows him to get in the mind of the opponent’s team, eventually leading to more individual errors from the pressure created.

Atsumu Miya Favorite Food

atsumu miya favorite food

At first glance, Miya Atsumu looks like someone who focuses on Volleyball so much that he has no care of food at all. Yet, he is man who has a profound liking for food, which is extremely diverse as he can eat anything healthy that is put in front of him.  But his favourite dish out of them all, is a juicy and chunky fatty tuna. It is an insanely expensive part of the tuna which is found near the skin on the back and the belly prepared in a tender way that’d even get one of the best setter drool from the mouth.


How old is Atsumu Miya ?

how old is atsumu miya

Atsumu Miya is 17 years old in Haikyuu.

How tall is Atsumu Miya ?

how tall is atsumu miya

Atsumu Miya is 183 cm tall (6ft tall) in season 4.

These are all the 7 brain stunning facts which you may or may not have enough about Miya!

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