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Ushijima Wakatoshi is one of the most popular characters from Haikyuu. Ever since Haikyuu has gained popularity and become a household name in modern anime culture, Ushijima Wakatoshi has been one of those characters that have remained at the forefront of that fame. Ushijima is one of the main protagonists in the show so the popularity of the character should be a no brainer. In this article we choose to look at 7 facts that distinct Ushijima from every other character in Haikyuu, and make him more relatable to the audience than most of the others as well !


ushijima left handed
Ushijima Wakatoshi is one of the few characters in the show who is left handed. Surprisingly when Ushijima was a child, his mother had tried to forcefully change his left-handedness because she strongly believed that this was something that did not occur in her side of the family. However Ushijima’s father convinced her of not going that route and stated that this could become this child’s greatest strength. Because of Ushijima’s left-handedness, his hits have the highest amount of firepower in his serves and his passing. It works very well with his overall aggressive way of playing.


Ushijima Wakatoshi has been referred to as Ushiwaka often times in the series. This seems like a combination of Ushi from Ushijima and Waka from Wakatoshi, which it is but it also has a deeper meaning. Ushiwaka was the birth name of Japanese Genji Warrior, Minamoto Yoshitsune. Minamoto Yoshitsune had huge fame among the Genji Warriors for his “extreme jumping capabilities” which is also something that Ushijima relates to. Hence the nickname Ushiwaka makes so much sense when you put two of his names together and add the deeper meaning regarding Minamoto Yoshitsune.

He reads every Ads in magazines

ushijima wakatoshi magazine Ushijima Wakatoshi has a lot of love for odd things, such as his favorite food, his preference of hands being his left unlike almost all of the other characters in the series and his weird love for advertisements in magazines. Ushijima is known to read all of the advertisements in magazines, this is something he does because according to the manga and the anime both; his current concerns are none. So he has a lot of time on his mind to read all the advertisements in the magazines. Maybe he even enjoys the advertisements, who knows ?
An excellent seedling needs suitably excellent soil. It can’t yield first-rate fruit on barren land. Ushijima Wakatoshi Quote

He is one of the Top 3 Aces

haikyuu top 3 aces Ushijima Wakatoshi is extremely well respected by his team. His expressionless face and his emotionless demeanor make him come off as intimidating for most but his team mates know him well. Ushijima is one of the top three most notable high school volley ball players in all of Japan in the series. He was the only player that was selected from Tohoku to take part in the Youth World Championship representing Japan’s under-nineteen volleyball talent. He is also the number one Ace in all of the Miyagi Prefecture, the two other top players aside from him are Sakusa and Kiryu.

His Birthday

ushijima wakatoshi birthday Ushijima Wakatoshi has always since his childhood preferred being left handed. This was not a skill that he learned but just a preference that he always had, you could say he was born with it. Well this goes perfectly well with this birthday. He was born on the 13th of August, which surprisingly enough is also the actual ‘International Lefthanders Day’. That is just one of the few references in how the writer of Haikyuu has managed to create deep and meaningful characters with properly backing stories to suit them overall.

His Favorite Food

haikyuu hayashi rice Ushijima Wakatoshi is a young man who loves all kinds of good food; however his favorite dish has got to be the Hayashi Rice. Hayashi Rice which is also known as Hashed Beef Rice is a very popular Japanese “western-themed” dish. A usual bowl of Hayashi Rice contains beef that is chopped, with button mushrooms and onions which are turned into a sort of glazy curry consisting of tomatoes and red wine served with steamed white rice. Ushijima loves this dish as it reminds him very much of his family roots and the taste of the dish is also quite spectacular, simply put.

His Parents

ushijima wakatoshi parents Ushijima’s father had been a second division volley ball player before him, he used to play for Shiratorizawa. His father and his generation of volley ball players were the first place winners at the Nationals in their era according to rumors. His dad did however retire after facing an injury at some point in his short career, after which he married his mother and took her surname in the process. When Ushijima was very young, his parents got divorced and because of this, his father moved overseas. He has been since trying his hardest to gain his father’s attention through Volleyball. BONUS : Here are 2 other facts about the legendary Ushijima Wakatoshi !

How old is Ushijima Wakatoshi ?

how old is ushijima wakatoshi
Ushijima Wakatoshi is a High School student in 3rd Year which means he’s 18 years old.

How tall is Ushijima Wakatoshi ?

how tall is ushijima wakatoshi
Ushijima Wakatoshi is very tall in fact for someone of his age, he’s 189.5 cm tall (6ft3).

Thank you for reading !

These were 7 facts about Ushijima Wakatoshi that we bet you already knew but just in case you didn’t, we’re happy to help !
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