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The vast amount of Haikyuu characters in the newest edition of ‘Haikyuu!! To the Top’ has caught the eye of the fans, who’ve been waiting patiently to witness fresh and intriguing players. While some of the new characters were introduced early in the season, it seems that the director saved the best for the last ! Shinsuke Kita, who got the spotlight rather late near the end of the season, became a loved figure throughout the entire Haikyuu fandom.

Today, we’ll be talking about the 7 Brain Stunning Facts about Shinsuke Kita so sit tight and enjoy as we disclose the facts to satisfy your fascination !

Captain of Inarizaki

shinsuke kita

It should come as no surprise that a player such as Shinsuke Kita could captain one of the strongest High-school Volleyball teams of Japan. Despite possessing little to no innate talent, his knowledge of the respective sport is the highest among all of his teammates, perhaps, the best in High-school all over Japan. Even though he isn’t a regular starter, he still leads his teammates off the court to ensure the best results by pulling the strings from the bench or out of matches. It’s safe to say that he is a natural leader.

His bestfriend at the club is Aran Ojiro

shinsuke kita and aran ojiro

Keeping Shinsuke’s blunt way of speech in mind, one could conclude that he doesn’t have a lot of friends. However, his teammate Aran Ojiro, is profoundly close to Shinsuke as the similarity between the two of them are immense due to both being third years and Captains of the club. They are often seen walking together after the club activities and indulge in casual talk, which is rare as other teammates are afraid of Shinsuke’s straightforwardness. Both are able to converse comfortably with each other by sharing different ideas and thoughts among themselves.

He lives with his grandmother

shinsuke kita kid

As far back as he can remember, Shinsuke can recall living alone with his grandmother. It is unknown what happened to his parents but his grandmother was his primary caretaker throughout his life. He learned some of the most important things in life from her, such as the concept of repetition and hard-work. His grandmother instilled valuable lessons in Shinsuke’s heart, providing him with self-discipline which later became a pivotal factor for his incredible success in Volleyball. Up-to this day, Shinsuke is still carrying the same ideologies that were once passed onto him by his beloved grandma.

He’s the most mature Haikyuu character

kita shinsuke

Most of the characters in Haikyuu are somewhat immature or clumsy, from Hinata’s childishness to Bokuto’s over the edge personality. However, in the case of Shinsuke Kita, he is arguably the most mature High-School Volleyball player in the series. He tends to find himself agreeing a lot more with the adults around him instead of underclassmen, who have a contrasting personality and trivial ways of thinking. The idea that nervousness shouldn’t be a major problem in Volleyball was described by Shinsuke as the repetition in practice carries on over in live matches. This goes on to show that Shinsuke was way older mentally than an abundance of people around him.

I wanted to be able to say “Aren’t my teammates amazing ?!” just that little bit longer. Shinsuke Kita Quote

He is the Backbone of the Team

inarizaki team

As established earlier, Shinsuke is not a regular starter of the team. However, he gets plenty of chances to showcase his hard-work on the court. Whenever Inarizaki is in a hassle and needs to straighten up, Shinsuke is substituted in the match to invigorate his teammates by doing a Captain’s job of stabilizing the team. Covering the mistakes of his teammates gives them a boost in confidence as they know that they have a reliable player such as Shinsuke having their backs. These qualities are one of major reasons for Inarizaki’s brilliance.

The meaning of his name

shinsuke kita meaning

After the season 4, many fans were asking “What does Shinsuke Kita means ?“. Well his name is derived from Kanji, which are the logographic Chinese characters that are used often in the Japanese writing system. The Kanji translation of his name to English roughly translates “Kita” to “North” and Shinsuke to “Faith/Trust” or “Mediate”. Interestingly enough, Shinsuke’s name goes perfectly with his personality, as he is the most trustworthy member of the team. Everyone impulsively puts their faith in him to get them out of the remarkably dire situations.

His favorite food is a Tofu Hamburger

shinsuke kita favorite food

Shinsuke is fond of a large variety of food, but everyone has the own favourite dish, and so does he!  He loves to eat healthy to make sure that his health never deteriorates, which is why his favourite meal is a Tofu Hamburger. It is essentially a meat-less burger where Tofu is used, it is a healthy substitute to meat that is known for being plain and flavorless, but able to soak up the flavors from whatever it is served with. It is used in a lot of Asian cooking and is highly diverse.


How tall is Shinsuke Kita ?

Shinsuke Kita is 175cm tall (5ft7).

How old is Shinsuke Kita ?

Shinsuke Kita is a 3rd Year High School Student, therefore he is 18 years old.

That marks the end of the 7 interesting facts about Shinsuke, who is arguably the most realistic and relatable character of the series ! If you want more articles like that, we’ve made an article about 7 AMAZING facts about Ushijima Wakatoshi. Make sure to have a look at it.

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