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haikyuu ending

Haikyuu!! A nice Ending

Following 8 years of distribution and 402 chapters, Haikyuu !!, the effective volleyball manga, has quite recently bowed out in the Weekly Shônen Jump. The anime, in the interim, is in its fourth season and will permit the most prepared fans to proceed to (re) live the undertakings of Hinata Shoyo somewhat more. Investigate a marvel that has provoked more than one individual to play volleyball.


haikyuu synopsis

Hinata Shoyo is an ordinary high school student. He decides to join his college volleyball club after seeing a game in a high school tournament or playing a boy nicknamed “The Little Giant”. Being himself small, Hinata finds in this boy a model for him and decides to follow in his footsteps. After having painfully formed a volleyball club in his college, they are eliminated from the outset by the team of Tobio Kageyama nicknamed “The King of the field” by his teammates because of the orders he keeps distributing as well as the mini dictatorship it imposes.

Eventually that will backfire in a game or they will drop him. Hinata and Kageyama will meet at the same volleyball club at Karasuno High School, where they will be determined to lead the team to the top and win numerous trophies.

Let’s recap in 2 main points what Haikyuu!! taught us.

Volleyball is an incredible sport

what haikyuu taught us

Albeit quite a bit of Haikyuu!! is competition centered and is thought around Karasuno’s training, winning or losing, that has never been the center subject. In the last part, it’s not uncovered who dominated the Olympics game or what occurred in the match among Hinata and Kageyama, in light of the fact that it was rarely about winning – it was consistently about playing the game. For Hinata and Kageyama, having the option to play was all they ever needed.

Always go forward no matter what

haikyuu lessons

One of the last lines recorded by the late Tanaka Kazunari, the seiyuu for Coach Ukai, was during the third season at Shiratorizawa’s match point and it seemed as though Karasuno planned to lose: “Volleyball is a game where you’re always looking up!” At the point when things look somber, it’s even more imperative to continue to look forward and ahead.

Also a good point in Haikyuu is that every secondary character is developed and has an impact on the story.

Secondary characters have a strong impact

haikyuu all teams

One of the strengths of the manga is that it has introduced a rather impressive number of supporting characters that turn out to be much more important than at first glance. They lead their teammates, opponents or friends of Karasuno’s team to surpass themselves at some point in history. Asahi Azumane, a third year and considered Karasuno’s best player (the sharp one), momentarily left the team due to “trauma” caused by Date Kôgyo High School and its iron wall. Tobio Kageyama turned to Aoba Jôsai high school passer Toru Oikawa during a challenge after Karasuno lost a game against them leading them to the national championship. Kuroo Tetsuro from Nekoma High School and Bokuto Kotaro from Fukurôdani Academy will prove to be valuable teachers for Kei Tsukishima, Karasuno Central.

These are just a few examples from a much longer list. These characters notably contribute to the evolution of manga, which falls within the classic codes of sports manga. The protagonists string together victories after victories before suffering a defeat which forces them to question themselves deeply, and to question their dreams. Haikyuu !! However, it will take a decisive turn that will break the usual narrative pattern of this kind of story. Indeed, the author decided to go against the classic models of sports manga with the defeat of Karasuno in the quarter-finals at the national volleyball championship. So far, nothing extraordinary on paper but, in the way of doing, that we will not spoil you here, the reader feels that something is breaking, which will be confirmed by a temporal ellipse during which we learn, in hollow, that the team will never arrive at the end of the tournament. It brings a lot of realism compared to other manga.

haikyuu olympic games

In the last chapter, we also see Hinata & Kageyama representing Japan in 2021 at the Olympic Games supposed to take place in reality in… Tokyo. Haruichi FURUDATE took into account the Covid-19 pandemic to adapt the end of his manga but also wanted to highlight the organization of the competition by his country.

What to remember from this fantastic anime/manga ?

haikyuu end

In conclusion, If you find the passion for a sport or even that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams in the topics covered, Haikyuu shows us that hard work doesn’t always pay off, a truth rarely brought up in sports manga where final victory at all major trophies almost seems like an obligation. The rating is still very positive because we see that even if we are unwilling to do something, like Hinata with her small size, perseverance is the way to go.

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