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Nekoma Volleyball Team

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    Nekoma High is a high school located in Tokyo. Nicknamed "the cat" due to their flexibility, their proverb is "We are the blood, we flow smoothly and we circulate oxygen so that the brain can function well. They are renowned for their impeccable reception although they are nothing special according to the other teams, and their passer Kenma who is considered the brains of the team. The young men's volleyball club's uniform comprises of a red tracksuit with white subtleties. The individuals wear dark shirts and red shorts during training matches and regularly wear a blue games face cloth on top

    nekoma high jacket

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    What does Nekoma mean ?

    Despite the fact that Nekoma is spoken to as cats (猫 Neko), the kanji in its name (音駒 Nekoma) are inconsequential to the creature. Their genuine signifying, "sound of [moving] a shogi piece," might be a reference to their play style of examination and technique.

    Ne (音) = sound

    Koma (駒) = shogi/chess piece

    • Lining structure design : high quality jacket based on lining structure that gives you unique design in your wardrobe.
    • Ultra-Thin : slim fit skinny jacket that make you more stylish and groom your personality.
    • Intertwined scuff
    • Superior Comfort and Warmth
    • Long sleeve
    • Synthetic
    • Feathers

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